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Your buyers have changed.
It's time to empower your sales team to face this new challenge.

Your B2B buyers are more informed with the digital media. They feel more powerful as the information about your company, product or service is immediately available online.  Some time your customer may know more than your sales representative.

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A tablet filled with pdf brochures will not do the trick anymore.


Digitalising your field force doesn't mean providing them mobile electronic devices filled with dozens of Gigabits of digital assets that you may have at your disposition. You need interactive presentations and tools that are bringing greater experiences to your customers than the previous face to face sales visits.  

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It's essential for sales and marketing teams to align their objectives.

In most of the corporations, between 60 to 70 % of existing marketing assets are never used by their sales representatives* during face to face meeting with their clients. On the other side, Sales team complains more and more about not being insufficiently equipped with the right tools while in front of their clients.

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*Source: content marketing institute

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